Cookies are a piece of data sent from a web site and stored in your browsers memory

Cookies can be required to allow a web to function properly as web sites are stateless (they don’t remember user information from one internal page to another) but sometimes they are used to track user actions within one web or across multiple webs in order to collect usage information or identify interests and map behaviour to be able to offer relevant advertisements.

Our website uses the following types of cookie:

  1. Third party Analytics Cookies

These Cookies are used by selected third parties we have chosen to integrate with. Collects anonymous information about a user’s journey on the website (e.g. where they came from, if there were any errors). They are used mainly for tracking purposes so that we can further improve the site for the future.

  1. Security Cookies

They serve a valuable purpose reducing the attack surface area of an application and ultimately protect the end user from being impacted by the actions of a malicious third party.

  1. Behaviorally Targeted Advertising Cookies (third party)

This cookie is used for re-targeting, optimization, reporting and attribution of online adverts.

  1. Functional Cookies

These cookies are used to provide services or to remember settings to improve your visit.

For any other information or clarification on the current Cookies Policy, you can contact us at: